Kahromika installed 70% of Egypt's total installed capacity of 31,090 Megawatts.

InfraStructure Business Unit:

In spite of the recent growth in the infrastructure sector in Egypt, there is still long way ahead of the to enhance and improve infrastructure services to satisfy growing population and existing social demand. AI follows the co-investment model in its infrastructure business unit. AI capitalizes on its long track record in completing infrastructure projects, by partnering with big player in this field, such as Shell and Bechtel. AI capitalizes on its subsidiary Kahromika, a major electro-mechanical contractor in Egypt, with extensive track record in mega projects in the field of generation, transmission and distribution. With a current 20% deficit of generation capacity in the MENA region, coupled with high population growth rates and high level of urbanization, leading to annual increase in generation capacity demand of at least 7%, high infrastructure opportunities are created. AI acquired 75% of Nahda Oil &Gas Co. through a capital increase in 2009



Kahromika’s Main business fields include power stations, power transmission and distribution, mechanical projects and steel fabrication. Kahromika has an extensive track record in power station, substation, overhead transmission line, optical ground wire and cable projects.

Managed by a group of seasoned engineers that had acquired extensive experience through their work in the construction of the many vital projects such as power plants, substations, high voltage transmission lines, control networks and various electrical and mechanical installations.

Over the years, Kahromika has significantly extended its presence as an experienced fabrication & installation contractor to other industrial sectors such as the sugar, chemical, cement and paper industries and in the fields of irrigation & sewage treatment, pumping stations and petroleum & refinery projects.




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