SME plays a major role in Egypt’s economic development, driven by sectors like financial services. The financial service sector in Egypt is expected to maintain growth driven by 2 specific realms of activates, Consumer finance and SMEs finance. To tackle this sector, AI has acquired Delta financial Investments “DFI” in 2012, a boutique investment bank, which was later renamed to Rawaj Investment Banking. AI established RAWAJJ Group as a holding company in the financial services sector.

The group includes 5 companies working in green field consumer financing projects under its umbrella
  • Rawaj Custody
  • Rawaj Auto Loan
  • Rawaj Real Estate
  • UE Lease
  • Nuun Fund Services

Delta Financial Investments:

Full fledged financial services company that caters to SMEs with high growth potential


Become the House of choice in helping SME’s transform into impactful economic ‘players’


Nurture passionate Entrepreneurs’ ambitions such that they become the main pillars of the emerging and promising Egyptian economy


Sculpt and instil in ourselves all the necessary tools and expertise to act as ‘incubators’ for growing enterprises

 Delta Financial Investments Catalytic Characteristics:


  • Audit financial statements
  • Adjust, understand and help
  • Establish and implement legal structure
  • Corporate legal structuring

Investment Banking

  • Merger and Acquisitions ‘M&A’
  • Arrange:
    • Trade finance
    • Working capital finance
    • Leasing transactions
  • Capital markets transaction:
    • Equity
    • Debt

Private Equity Growth Capital

  • Identify and filter opportunities
  • Create vision and strategy team  Equity investment in Incubated Partners

Value Extraction

  • Vision and strategy
  • Business plan
  • Corporate governance
  • Human resources
  • Internal business processes





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