Cairo For Development and Cars Manufacturing CDCM, headquartered in Cairo, Egypt, is one of the successful premium automobile manufacturers in Egypt.
The Original Company was set up in 1967 with the capacity of a sole importer of PEUGEOT in EGYPT. In 2011, the company structure a has changed to become a partnership. The New partnership is fully managedby Arabiyya lel Istithmaraat.
The company manufactures, distributes and sells passenger cars (including Hatchbacks, Station Wagons, Sedans, Coupes, and Convertibles etc).

AI was able to transform CDCM net losses exceeding EGP 30 Mn to net profit in 2011. the number of cars sold also increased 6 folds from 300 cars in to almost 1,700.
Part of the restructuring process was :

  • Increasing the 2 showrooms that CDCM only had to 8 showrooms
  • Doubling the number of state-of the art service centers from 2 to 4.

In recognition of AI's success with Peugeot Egypt, CDCM received 2 international awards from Peugeot International as the best performing and fastest growing distributor.


Kahromika operates as a mechanical and electrical construction company. The company also engages in the fabrication of steel structure and industrial buildings, tanks and cement sailos, welded steel pipes and flue gas ducts, and transmission and communication towers. In addition, it manufactures non standard spare parts and machine parts. Further, the company offers construction of power plants, substations and networks, industrial projects, pumping stations, and underground cables. It serves sugar and chemical industries, foundries, paper factories, irrigation and sewage treatment, pumping stations, and petrol projects and refineries. The company has a workshop in Mostorod, Egypt. Kahromika was founded in 1971 and is based in Giza, Egypt.


From 1971 till today, Kahromika has improved itself to be the major electro-mechanical contractor in Egypt, through its extensive participation to most of the projects in the power generation, transmission and distribution. After approximately 40 years of valuable history, Kahromika become today the solution to achieve the formula of success; competitive cost and high quality in the required time. For the previous reasons most of the international companies recommend Kahromika to be their partners in Egypt and Middle East.  



  • The Egyptian government has a very ambitious growth plan for the energy sector in which Kahromika will continue to play a key role.
  • The coming years will witness the construction of the first solar energy station to be located in Aswan and a new hydropower station in Assiut.
  • The Egyptian Supreme Council of Energy has put in place a plan to generate 20% of the country’s electricity requirements from renewable energy sources by 2020 thus is aiming at increasing wind energy capacity from 522 megawatts in 2009/2010 to 5,410 megawatts by 2020.
  • Kahromika is currently involved in the implementation of 70% of Egypt's new electrical power capacity expansion projects.
  • With a backlog of 18 to 24 months, Kahromika was not affected by the repercussions of the January 25th, 2011 revolution.





"Toblat Producation of architectural" was founded in 1996 to meet the needs of the Egyptian market from various construction materials; and since then has established Toblat in the minds of customers and gained a good reputation in the Egyptian market and is one of the leading Egyptian companies in manufacturing brick and block concrete solid and hollow and brick flooring interoperability ( Interlock)
Curbstone and sidewalks, parks, and also the marble tiles (Albzaleon), and mosaic and tile sidewalk.
Since the products and building materials are necessary and vital to the construction industry has paid great attention Toblat towards continuous improvement of the technical capabilities of its employees through continuous technical training.

Toblat has the capacity and efficiency of the implementation of the supplies which can be delegated to the satisfaction of its customers, including that quality is the essence of any work, the Toblat always keen to improve and develop all production lines and development of staff capacity to implement the required quality

Toblat Major Clienteles include : 


Toblat owning a factory in Abu Rawash Industrial - Km 26 in Giza, Egypt-Alexandria Desert Road, and this geographical distribution Toblat become close to its customers in Greater Cairo and new communities.
The company's factory in Abu Rawash an area of ​​21,000 m 2 and it has drying rooms, where it is the process of drying products to reach acceptable levels globally.
Toblat has gained a good reputation in the market through quality and achieve a good system for managing information which enabled the company to maintain that reputation and status as an industrial company leader in its field.

Toblat also received ISO certificates


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