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AI Investment Outlook

AI's Investment Rationale is founded on Two Pillars

Value Creation: AI only acquires companies that either have intrinsic value or from which future value can be created.

Growth Rate: AI only enters into sound investments that show growth potential and thus can be kept for an extended period of time.
Current Portfolio Year of Acquisition Stake
Kahromika 2008 51%
AIC 2008 99%
CDCM “Peugeot” 2009 99.99%
Delta Financial Investments 2012 95%
UE Lease 2013 80%
Rawajj SME Finance 2013 99%
Rawajj Autoloan 2013 96%

Investment Road Map:

Identifying Opportunity

Attractive risk/reward profile & scalability with a high potential return on investment, associated with high growth potential

Easily adapt to change not tied to any bureaucratic inertia with fast response to market condition, by optimizing the Business Model, focusing on Core competencies and Critical success factors.

Turnaround Growing companies

Leverage on AI expertise & capabilities in Management, Raising Debt/Equity, & Invest initialization strategy. Realistic implementation of corporate maturity growth while focusing on utilization, tailor-made support and grow rapidly with limited investment of capital, labor or facilities.


We focus on Value created, Top & bottom line maximized, Capitalize on synergies created, Improve performance & margins, Improving Efficiency & Continuous monitoring


Exist for investors ( IPO or M&A)

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